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We get a lot of people asking if they can make changes to the materials they buy.  And the answer is yes. Training Tools asserts their rights as developers of the content and we retain the IP to all our materials; this does not stop an RTO making changes.  It is important to note that any changes or contextualisations by an RTO could render any associated compliance information at the time of sale no longer be applicable.  

You can read our Licence Agreement information here.  

By purchasing a Training Tools product, you agree to the conditions within the Licence Agreement.

Changes and Contextualisations

We supply our template and assessment products in digital format with the intention that the purchasing RTO will make any adaptations necessary to suit their own business needs.  It is important to note though, that this process is out of the control of Training Tools and any results of any changes are the responsibility of the RTO.

Cost per Item - Compare Apples with Apples

Once you purchase a product from us, it's yours to use within the Licencing terms.  Our pricing structure reflects the sale of each item and does not rely on a mass-use approach.  

What this means: if you purchase our assessment tools, you are free to copy, distribute and use them with as many students as you need to.  We do not charge you per student use.  

We are aware some providers have a pricing structure that allows for relatively cheap costs 

per assessment, per student.  This is not the same as the Training Tools model.

Updates to Materials

If there is an update to a Training Package we will work to update materials we stock as soon as possible.  Ensure you are registered for our Mailing List to stay up to date on any updates.

Your Information

Training Tools will collect and store your information in accordance with expectations of Privacy legislation.

By entering your details, you agree that Training Tools can use your contact information for the purposes of sending your ordered materials, and from time to time, to communicate with you about Training Tools news, new releases and other updates.


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