About Us


We're proud to offer products that will support RTOs who are serious about offering quality training and assessment and a great student experience for their learners.  Our aim is to give you the best possible starting point by providing templates and materials that can be customised to suit your business needs; Something different to stand out from the pack.

Being Prepared to be a Quality Provider

The National VET Regulator, ASQA, has made it clear that their upcoming audit focus will be on those providers who are looking to register (or re-register) as a provider of Nationally Accredited Training. Part of the stipulation is that it is expected all RTOs must have training products available and ready for use for each of the qualifications on their scope of registration.

Compliance Matters

Even with the shift in audit model to a student-centred approach, compliance still matters. This means tools and materials used in an RTO must be fit for purpose, as well as help provide job-ready skilled graduates for industry.

Here, at Training Tools, we have firm belief that "no job can be done well without the right tools".

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