Answers to FAQs


How do I get my resources from Training Tools?

When you order compliance and assessment products from Training Tools, we will send them to you as digital files via a download link or email.  Depending on the product, they will be PDF files, secured Word files and/or editable Word or Excel documents.

What comes with the assessment materials?

When you purchase resources for assessment, you will be buying the following:

  • Assessor Marking Guide (with benchmark answers and instructions to the assessor)
  • Student Assessment (to collect evidence against the unit of competency requirements)
  • Mapping document (this is where you can see how the assessment tool has been developed to meet the unit requirements)
  • Licence agreement

A validation statement will be provided with all Training Tools assessment products purchased.

Training Tools assessment resources can be contextualised if need be.  

There are separate Training Tools assessment materials especially developed for workplace-based or classroom-based assessment.  Ensure you select the material that suits your mode of delivery and assessment.

Learning resources are separate to the assessment materials.

The assessment resources will indicate which textbook may be suitable for companion use if learning materials are unavailable.

All prices quoted on this site include GST.  

Are these resources suitable for online use?

Our tools are developed primarily for face-to-face or blended delivery models.  They are provided as 'paper-based' materials and any further development and/or contextualisation for an online delivery platform is the responsibility of the RTO.

You don't have the unit I'm looking for - will you have it soon?

Most likely.  Our range of off-the-shelf materials is expanding every week.  Talk to us if there is something in particular you'd like to see included. 

We also offer an 'on-demand' service whereby you can enquire about having an off-the-shelf product developed.

Will these get me through audit?

When it comes to audit time, there are a number of variables that come into play, including the quality of the training delivered and how well the assessment tools meet the regulatory requirements.

An RTO's holistic performance and their Quality System (of which resources are but one component) are the factors that work toward compliance and "passing audit".

Like any vendor of off-the-shelf products, Training Tools understands the obligations of the RTO to contextualise materials to suit their specifc learner cohorts.  We work to develop resources that give you the best possible head start.  Our resources are developed by qualified writers, and go through an independent validation process.  We also offer the option of purchasing a simulated business for selected qualifications to support delivery outside of the workplace.  

This means it is a whole lot easier for RTOs to be confident in their approach to meeting the needs of:

  • The business
  • Students
  • ASQA
  • Training Packages
  • Industry and employers 

What if I don't have a credit card?

All products available for digital download require a credit card payment to complete the transaction.  If you do not have a credit card, email us at for an invoice to be sent for the products you wish to purchase.  

On receipt of invoice, you can transfer funds via direct deposit, and after confirmation of funds received, we will email your products to you.

You can also pay by credit card at time of order.  Our website accepts online payments.